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Raggae and dancehall music has influenced today's society. Many countries in the world now listen to ragga4e and dancehall music. The popular dancehall music style originates in the 70s. Raggae on the other hand, is a more revolutionized style of music in jamaica its origin is from the 60s. Raggae and dancehall first began in jamaica and later moved to other parts of the world. Raggae tones are known to be more calm and soothing. The reggae and dancehall music has influenced and impacted the cultures and the societies that are in the world. Learn more of the origins of reggae and dancehall music.

Raggae and dancehall music is discussed and based upon its performers. Music influencers that have made marks after the release of new albums, and how the music has impacted the music culture. King Addies' way of releasing albums and new music is highly revered around the world. The Djs are popularly known for the standards tey to make while playing new music and the exclusiveness of the content that they play.

The Dancehall and reggae music recordings are made unique by the words being written again and the original artist of the track saying out the influencer or DJs name. Fans use Dj names to make references of their favorite song hits or artists this makes the Dj more famous. They memorize the lyrics of the reggae tunes or dancehall tunes making the said song and the lyrics to become an anthem. View here to get the best music news.

The dancehall and reggae Djs play a seductive rhythm that consists of the art of them partly playing the music or speaking. This art came into existence in the 70s by an influencer who was testing the skill of speaking while playing the rhythm or riddim. This speaking over music laying is also seen in hip hop culture.
The rhythm of dancehall music is much faster than that of the orange tone. It s sometimes characterized by drumming which is used in place of acoustics. The lyrics of the dancehall music are regarded to be raw and consist of sexual resonances and explicitness.

DJ yellowman in the 80s made a transition from reggae to dancehall music that was played in nightclubs. The dancehall music was regarded to contain " slack" that involved a raunchy culture that covered sexual and seductive speech that was disguised in metaphors. Dj yellowman directed the issues of sexual content and politics in his basic mocking of the community during the failed Jamaican test with socialism.

Computerized beats were developed in the 80s. As time went by explicit content that included weapon talks and slack in the lyrics took over the playlists of the dancehall DJs.

The growth of dancehall and reggae tones has increased since the 70s. The reggae musicians sing about what is happening in the world today and the society. Dancehall artists sing about women and violence at most times. For more details about this topic, click here: https://simple.wikipedia.org/wiki/Reggae.

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